Be Attractive

Let's democratize the attractiveness!

because everyone deserves to be attractive.

To be more attractive one must strive to increase their income, wealth, physical fitness, appearance, intelligence, prestige, power, personality (kindness, bravery, etc).

This page lists all resources to do such things.

All prices here are only for premium members (Graceful Swan).

The comprehensive self-help book for software engineers to achieve wealth, power, and fame (only available in Bahasa Indonesia).

The price is Rp 100,000.


Online (livestream) yoga classes by Ferna Tjhia. Rp 4,500,000 for 11 hours and 1 hour consultation (1 consultation group is limited to 4 people).

IG: fernatjhiayoga

Physical Fitness

Photoshot by the photographer to produce dazzling dating profile pictures. The price is Rp 2,500,000 for 4 hours. It's available only in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Courses from MIT OpenCourseWare


Courses from Khan Academy



Investment class.


Mamba Finance

DeFi Index Fund Smart Contract, built on top of Mamba Framework.


Collaboration Invitation

Anyone who can provide fashion advices, conversational class, social grace class, public speaking class, diet advices, career coaching, fitness coaching, please contact us to collaborate.